Humpty Dumpty Nursery School

This website is for prospective parents for an orientation of our school.

You are welcome to join our waiting list through Stockholm Municipality. Information about applying can be found under 'Join us'.


Humpty Dumpty is a parent cooperative preschool, the primary aim of which is to provide an English and Swedish language environment for the children of its members. 

The preschool admits children from the age of twelve months until school start who are resident in Stockholm municipality. Our school is on two floors, the downstairs Humpty department has places for ten children between twelve months and three years; the upstairs Dumpty department accommodates seventeen children between three and six years. At present our opening times are 8.00 - 17.00 Monday to Friday.  

The active participation of the parent members is vital to Humpty Dumpty's successful operation. The close-knit working relationship and constant communication between the staff, the board, and the parents are the fundamental ideas upon which we build. The nursery currently employs five teaching staff. It is a priority for Humpty Dumpty to keep an experienced, highly educated, well-trained international staff. The head teacher and teaching staff have responsibility for the everyday running and educational planning of the nursery. Parents serve on the board of directors at Humpty Dumpty and their jobs include administrative duties such as chairperson, treasurer, secretary and personnel, as well as being the staff's formal employers. All parents participate in the running of the school in any way they are able and are encouraged to join daily activities whenever possible. Parents may be called upon to substitute when teachers are on leave or have planning meetings.

English and Swedish are used for communication in the preschool, and at present, for most of the families English is an active home language.  Many families are bilingual and therefore traditions and festivals from both English-speaking countries in the world and Sweden are actively celebrated.

There are many parks and natural areas in the vicinity of Humpty Dumpty and daily outdoor play is a part of the curriculum. Venues further afield in the city, e.g museums, theatre, forest, swimming pools, are regularly visited by groups of children using public transport.

The preschool aims to provide a creative preschool environment for all children, where learning through discovery is encouraged and facilitated.