Humpty Dumpty Nursery School

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Care and Social Development


  1. To help each child to become independent by, for example,
    a) Encouraging and allowing each child to dress and undress him/herself
    b) Keeping his/her clothes and belongings in order.
  2. To teach each child the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, together with the skills necessary for independence in this area.
  3. To satisfy each child's need for rest and relaxation.
  4. To provide physical stimulation and opportunity for gross motor development in a balance of both indoor and outdoor environments.
  5. To promote each child's awareness of seasonal change and teach him/her to adapt to differing weather conditions.
  6. To develop the older child's capability to be responsible for him/herself when outside.
  7. To teach each child the appropriate skills necessary for excursions, both as a pedestrian and using public transport.
  8. To stimulate each child's social awareness, feeling of responsibility for our environment, its natural and man-made attributes.
  9. To give each child opportunities to experience stimulating, enjoyable activities in natural surroundings.
  10. To satisfy each child's nutritional needs.
  11. To encourage good food habits, table manners and considerate behaviour.
  12. To promote awareness of foods from other cultures. To recognise the foods associated with festivals in English-speaking cultures.
  13. To encourage active participation in food preparation and consideration of the qualities of healthy foods that provide good nourishment.
  14. To promote each child's awareness of hygiene requirements when handling and preparing food.

Social Development

  1. To teach each child to show consideration, respect and care for peers, teachers and all nursery members.
  2. To provide opportunities in which each child learns to function in co-operation with others.
  3. To provide situations in which each child can establish a sense of self- respect and positive self-esteem.
  4. To encourage each child to accept and understand the routines and expectations established within the nursery group.
  5. To teach each child to be responsible and realise the consequences of his/her actions.
  6. To provide situations that are conducive to the development of a sense of empathy in each child.

NOTE: The nursery’s anti-bullying action plan, aims to support children’s social skill development.