Humpty Dumpty Nursery School

This website is for prospective parents for an orientation of our school.

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  1. To satisfy each child’s nutritional needs.
  2. To encourage good food habits, table manners and considerate behaviour.
  3. To promote awareness of foods from other cultures. To recognise the foods associated with festivals in the different cultures we have presently at the preschool.
  4. To encourage active participation in food preparation and consideration of the qualities of healthy foods which provide good nourishment.
  5. To promote each child’s awareness of hygiene requirements when handling and preparing food.
  6. To foster positive attitudes towards food and mealtimes.
  7. To practice environmental awareness through purchase choices, recycling and waste reduction.
  8. The preschool has a low sugar policy and consequently sweets and ice-cream etc. are not served.
  9. To promote awareness of different food types and the need for a balanced diet. (Protein, carbohydrate, and fat). Condiments and accompaniments such as ketchup, gravy, jam etc. are optional.
  10. To provide food at regular times (breakfast upon request, morning snack, lunch, afternoon tea) and discourage in-between meal snacking.

NOTE: Children with special food requirements or allergies are provided for by supplying our caterers with full and regularly updated information. Clear information regarding foods / medication is displayed in the kitchen at all times and reviewed regularly by staff.



  1. Children are encouraged to serve themselves (independence and self-esteem).
  2. Children are asked to take small portions at first and then finish the food and drink they subsequently serve themselves (responsibility for own choice, waste reduction).
  3. Children are encouraged to try new foods (increased knowledge and experience of a variety of foods).
  4. Choices are provided whenever possible. Ex. Need to take one of the two sorts of vegetables / salad available. (Taking responsibility for own choices).
  5. Children are encouraged to judge their portion sizes appropriately and leave enough food for the rest of the group (consideration for others, table manners).
  6. Children say ’thank you for my food’ before leaving the table (table manners).