Humpty Dumpty Nursery School

This website is for prospective parents for an orientation of our school.

You are welcome to join our waiting list through Stockholm Municipality. Information about applying can be found under 'Join us'.


The fundamentals

The preschool follows the Swedish Curriculum for the Preschool Lpfö 2018, the Stockholm City Curriculum for the Preschool and the Education Act (Skollagen (2010:800)).

The preschool will strive to develop each child's use of the English and Swedish language and widen his/her knowledge and experience of the cultures and traditions pertaining to the families attending the preschool at any given time.

The preschool will cater for the individual needs of each child, developing his / her social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.

The preschool will provide a creative environment for all children, where learning through discovery is encouraged and facilitated in a democratic way.