Humpty Dumpty Nursery School

This website is for prospective parents for an orientation of our school.

You are welcome to join our waiting list through Stockholm Municipality. Information about applying can be found under 'Join us'.


Language and Communication


  1. To stimulate each child's understanding and use of the English and Swedish languages.
  2. To encourage speech development by stimulating musculature in the speech organs, auditory perception, and feedback.
  3. To provide an environment which stimulates language development by providing bountiful opportunities for children to experiment with language through rhymes, songs, action rhymes, poetry, voice exercises.
  4. To provide opportunities in large and small groups for children to relate stories and information.
  5. To train skills of listening and responding to both an adult and peers.
  6. To familiarise children with literature from many different cultures.
  7. To familiarise children with the phonetic alphabet, upper and lower case letters.
  8. To encourage emergent literacy by providing meaningful opportunities and materials for emerging reading and writing.