Humpty Dumpty Nursery School

This website is for prospective parents for an orientation of our school.

You are welcome to join our waiting list through Stockholm Municipality. Information about applying can be found under 'Join us'.


Parental Involvement

At Humpty Dumpty we aim:

  1. To encourage parents to join in activities each afternoon as they collect their child/ren.
  2. To strive towards each child being secure and comfortable with all parent members in the co-operative (a prerequisite for parents to act as substitutes in a teacher's absence).
  3. To encourage all parents to spend time (full or half, contact days) together with their child/ren in the nursery each term.
  4. To ensure all parents are conversant with nursery routines, teaching methods, and philosophy.
  5. To ensure daily, verbal contact between parents and staff.
  6. To provide a scheduled time for parent meetings, at least once per term.
  7. To encourage parents to be well-informed of daily activities, current theme work, and evaluation by providing ready access to the weekly schedule, documentation and their own children's files.
  8. To encourage parent participation through contributions to documentation.


  1. To require a parent substitute when necessary in cases of staff illness.
  2. To request a parent substitute when necessary to facilitate staff participation in further education and network meetings.
  3. To encourage parent participation on excursions outside the preschool.
  4. To encourage visits with parents in their places of work.
  5. To require a parent to co-ordinate substitution needs.

Extracurricular Activities

  1. To provide regular social gatherings for parents, children, and staff.


  1. To require a parent - volunteer to be responsible for organising substitution.
  2. To require a parent - volunteer to be responsible for repairs and regular maintenance of nursery premises and equipment.
  3. To require parents to form the administrative and economic body of the nursery.
  4. To require a parent - volunteer to co-ordinate admissions and to distribute nursery information.
  5. To require a parent - volunteer to be responsible for fund raising activities, together with a member of staff.