Humpty Dumpty Nursery School

This website is for prospective parents for an orientation of our school.

You are welcome to join our waiting list through Stockholm Municipality. Information about applying can be found under 'Join us'.


Play and Creativity



  1. To provide opportunities for both free and directed play.
  2. To train social skills through free play, e.g. deciphering play signals, mutual agreement, taking turns, consideration, taking responsibility.
  3. To provide the opportunity to develop understanding of feelings and experiences through experimentation in play.
  4. To provide regular and undisturbed periods of free play which develop powers of concentration and creativity.
  5. To provide guidance through active adult participation in play situations.
  6. Through directed games to train social skills necessary to enable each child to follow a framework of rules and the consequences of games.


  1. To make available the materials and techniques which each child can use in his/her creative activities.
  2. To encourage each child to use a variety of media for their expression.
  3. To enable each child to gain confidence and satisfaction in his/her ability to use creative media as satisfactory outlets for his/her creative expression.
  4. To provide stimulus for each child to create, present or perform his/her own work.
  5. To encourage children to experience satisfaction in the process of creation as much as in the result.